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        Our Mission

        Our Mission is to help you, our customer, smile every time you come home by listening and providing thoughtful design solutions, providing superior craftsmanship, and delivering an exceptional renovation journey.


        Together as a Team, our Lord centers us and our principles guide us in our Mission each and every day.


        • Customer Focus

        • Integrity

        • Continuous Communication

        • Quality Craftsmanship


        We are blessed with the Team that we have and with our entire family of customers. 


        We look forward to helping you and your family smile every time you come Home!

        NARI Evening of Excellence 2020
        Contractor of the Year
        2020 COtY 1st Runner Up - Kitchen Over $100,000
        2020 COtY 1st Runner Up - Outdoor Living
        Paragon Team
        Management Team.png
        2020_CentralVirginia_CotY_Logo_Contractor of the Year_color.JPG
        NARI Evening of Excellence
        2019 Guildquality Service
        Excellence Award Winner

        2019 COtY Grand Prize -
        Kitchen under 100,000
        Sales TEam.png
        Office Team.png
        2018 NARI Evening of Excellence
        Guildquality Service Excellence Award Winner
        2020_CentralVirginia_CotY_Logo_Kitchen Over $100k_RunnerUp_color.jpg
        Interior Project Team.png
        Exterior Project Team - B&W.png
        Rose .png
        2020_CentralVirginia_CotY_Logo_Outdoor Living_RunnerUp_color.jpg